Question about Hub and DS9097U + comments


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I just receive my order today, and I have some questions and comment about it.

- I order a hub, and there is 1 green leds ,ad 3 red leds
I plug an 18V power supply 0.8A, and the green leds goes on.
My question is , when do the red leds goes on. I did plug your pressure sensor and
also a temp sensor, and no red light ???
I also try to remove the jumper, same things

- Since I plug the hub to my DS9097U, it seem that it doesn't work anymore.
I had it working for many years with Misterhouse, but now, I can't detect
any devices. I plug back my original network, and nothing is working.
May I have done something to break it. My connection between the DS9097 and the hub
is only a 2 wire connection, so no power could goes on the wire.
I also plug it on my laptop, and install the windows software, same issue (sorry, only my
laptop have windows installed)

- how could I test if my DS9097U is working fine

- I will put 2 sensors/board outside, Have you ever use liquid tape to protect them

- Finally one comment about the board.
The hub doesn't have any attach point, so it is very hard to secure in a little case,
any idea on how to do it
The sensor do have 2 point, and I could probably find a way to box it.

Thank You

PS: If I get this working, I will post my experience using the board with Misterhouse

Glad you recieved your order. Let me see if I can help you out here.

- The green LED, as you have noticed, shows when the hub has power. By default the red LEDs show when the main branch of channel 1, 2, or 3 is active. They will only come on if the software controlling your 1-Wire network understands how to use a hub and makes the main branch active. If none of the braches are active then you will no see any devices plugged into your hub. You can run OneWireViewer to see what is on the network.

- As long as you only attached the wires to your DS9097U to pins 4 and 5 on the hub then the hub shouldn't have caused any problems. You can try just attaching one device from your existing network to the DS9097U to see if it is working.

- I have used liquid electrical tape in the past and it works pretty well. You just need to make sure that you don't get it on the sensors. Also I don't know if you are planning on mounting your barometer outside but we don't recommend it. The pressure inside is very close to the pressure outside and then you don't have to worry about moisture issues.

- Hopefully in the next week or two we will have cases available for most of our devices.

I'm sure we will get you up and running. You will have to look at the documentation for MisterHouse on how to use it with a hub because I have never used it.

Eric, thank for the quick reply
I did attach to pin 4 and 5

I will continue to investigate tomorrow. If that doesn't work, I will order a new DS9097U

I did test with a regular iButton attach to the DS9097U, without success

I take note about the pressure device.

I will definitly order case, when you get it.I'll check your website