Question / Concern About M1 XSP


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I'm trying to hook up a device to my M1 serial expander and I'm having a problem because DTR at pin 4 is not on. Is there some jumper setting that will enable DTR to be on?

DTR and RTS is not supported. No option to turn it on. You will have to jumper it in the RS232 connector.
Bummer, there goes my idea about connecting a modem to the XSP and having it dial out for me. I spent a bit of time trying to wire up a kludge, I can get all the lines in the right state (dtr, cd, etc), but the modem won't accept data.

It would be nice if the XSP documentation actually specified the pin-outs and
the RS-232 controls that are implemented.
Depending on what you are trying to do, if you have a controller (pc) watching outputs you could use that to trigger phone calls from the PC side.
I'm trying to eliminate the PC from the equation. My goal is to have the security system "self contained" in its own locked closet.