Question regarding replacement of wireless receiver on Elk N1


I am going to replace my legacy M1XRF2G wireless receiver with a M1XRF2H receiver for Honeywell devices. Does the M1XRF2G need to be unenrolled before installing the M1XRF2H? If so, what are the steps for unenrolling the M1XRF2G?  Am I abe to use the same data bus address for the M1XRF2H that was assigned to the M1XRF2G? Any other gotchas that I should be aware of before proceeding?


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I think if you do the following, it will work:
1. Disconnect the M1XRF2G from the data bus.
2. Power up the M1 and then delete the wireless zones and expander in RP2.
3. Sens the new configuration to the M1.
4. Power down the M1 and connect the M1XRF2H.  It should be ok to use the same bus address as you had for the 2G.
5. Power up the M1, and add the wireless 2H expander to the configuration and configure the new zones.
6. Send the new configuration to the M1.  
Before you do any of this, I would upload the current configuration to RP2 and save a copy, just in case you need to go back to the beginning and start over.


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What RAL said.....
Use "export" to back up your account information. I'm not sure if it is necessary but I would write down my remote programming username and password. Then if you get into trouble you can start a new account and import the exported info.
After uninstalling the old adapter and reinstalling the new adapter, connect to the M1 with RP2 and re-enroll devices. It should scan the entire system and sort out the change.