R L RCA Sound cards


I was wondering if anyone knows of some good sound cards for under $40 with a Left and Right (like a red and white) plug for the output, i have seen many with rca in or capture but all i need is a rca out

You could just buy a Y splitter, which turns a phono jack into 2 RCA's, one for L and one for R, then you can use it with any sound cards which have stereo output (almost every card).
yeah i thought of that but it wouldn't be the same because with a y splitter it would only be 2.1 sound and i would like to maintain the 5.1 sound quality if possible...

with a y splitter it would just be the same left and right channels right?
i think that way the left speaker and right speaker would be playing the same sound, correct me if im wrong but to maintain the 5.1 qualitly a y cord wouldnt work.
if you have an sb live which has 2 out jacks for 5.1 setups, then you can use these Ysplitters to convert the 2 phono jacks to 4 rca's, unless I am misunderstanding you.
No, it would not be the same sound on the left and right channels. The sound card has a stereo 1/8" plug and the adaptor converts that to two RCA plugs that has the actual left and right channels.

Hope that helps.

heres what i want to do....
i typed about 2 pages of an explaination of this graph but i accidently hit refresh and it got knocked out but the red is rca the bule is phono jacks, the 2 grey lines are input lines to the switch and the green is the output for the switch. i want my music server to be abel to control both sets of speakers but the gaming one to control only the 7.1 quality speakers

anyway i attached the graph tell me what you think if you understand it :D

and youre saying that if i use a y splitter it splits the left and right so it would be the same thing as haveing a left right sound card in that computer?

hmmm your fine attacment dosnt work ill put it on angelfire tomorrow and edit this post with a link

well nvm guy thanks for the idea but i foud a cheap audigy 2 from creative labs for under $20 :D so ill just use that on my music server