Random Beeping From HAI Omni IIe


My system has begun randomly beeping.  The beeps come from the touchscreen console pads (all 3 synched).  It's the beep it normally makes when my front or garage doors are opened - except nothing is opening.  Watching the consoles as the beeps go off, nothing is being triggered.  When the system is armed, the beeps don't set off the alarm or anything.  It just started randomly doing this today.  I've tried arming and disarming the system - nothing.  Nothing in the logs either.  Any suggestions?
Are you doing any automation?

Watch the status on your zones and see if the garage door or exit door status numbers are change a bit.

Could be a bad or starting to go bad wire. I have had that issue with one exit door that settled a bit and stretched the wires to the switch.
No status changes.  If I move the motion sensors will say not ready etc...but I'll stand there and watch the console and it'll beep and no changes to the status.
Have you made any changes hardware wise?  Are you using an exterior siren / sounder.  Do you see anything on the console when it beeps?
Using PCA look at the status of your zones; specfically the loop values.  They should all remain the same +/- 1.  Mine are normally 147/148.
In PCA check if you have any PIRs configured to beep when activated.
Warm reset the panel via the keyboard console or unplug the power supply and battery for a bit then power up the panel.  You will not lose the settings doing this.
Googling your issue on the forum see this:
Had the same problem, removed my HAI Wireless receiver and the problem went away. I only had one sensor attached to it and found a workaround.  I am not sure if the issue is a failing HAI receiver or perhaps too much current was being drawn? I find the latter not likely since I've had this running for a couple of years before the problem developed.
Case closed - it was a bad sensor.  The sensor was going out so I had bypassed it.  Forgot I did and now that it finally gave out, it started beeping as if I opened the door but because it was bypassed it wasn't showing up on the console.  Either way, figured it out.  Thank you!