Recommendations for network color laser (used?)


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I have a black and white (actually, just black :) ) HP 4000 laser printer I picked up for $50 used that works great.  Thinking of adding a color laser to the mix.  Hate the inkjets for the cheap construction, cost of ink, and the fact I don't use them enough to keep the jets clean.  Thinking of buying a used network color laser.  Can anyone recommend good, reliable models that have low cost toner cartridges available?  Or should I be looking at something new?
Low prices of all in one ink jets is tempting but I haven't had good luck with them.
What is your budget and intended use?  Home, small business, etc... I wouldn't go used. 
I purchased a Brother printer for home use earlier this year that seems decent.  It doesn't get heavy use, first sheet takes a bit of time, but overall decent for documents we need to print in color (not for pictures).  It's a decent printer that has both wired and wireless.  Wireless will let you print via a phone.  
I have a similar Brother color laser and it works well.  You can get sticker shock when you need to replace all the toner cartridges, but they last quite a while and they are individual, so you only replace the ones that go empty.  I also purchased a laser because color inkjets drove me nuts.
I have a gently used Canon MF8380Cdw that needs cartridges.  It can be yours for $100.  Local pickup only.