RedRadio RAD-I/O and HomeSeer


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I have created an application note for HomeSeer web page access to RAD-I/O. This shows you how to create a kiosk mode browser page rendering 8 160x240 frames. Each frame becomes an independent small browser. The size of the frame correspond with the size of the RAD-I/O 1/8th VGA touch screens.

Please note, the official name of the product is now RAD-I/O. Pronounced "Rad ee oh".

You can download my first draft of this application note here:

(this is an exclusive post for Cocooners)
Looks good. I would go as far as having each frame point to the same html file, not to their own html file (1.html, etc.), since in most cases, you want to be able to access the same interface from several rooms, so you might as well reuse the html files. Now if you want a seperate interface for i.e. the bedroom (for example,you want a 'Barry White' button :)), then I would point that frame to a seperate page for sure. I also like the new name ;)