Reducing road noise at home


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Hey guys, long time no chat.

I've had to postpone most of my HA plans while I hunt for a new house and I think I've found one I like with one exception.

The house behind the one I'm looking at getting is on a major road. It's not so loud or close that you can hear the noise inside or feel any vibrations but when you're out in the backyard it's load enough to be an annoyance.

I've been trying to Google information on using trees and hedges to reduce the noise but I can't find anything other than, "Use think bushes."

Has anyone been in this type of situation and if so were you able to reduce the noise enough that it was no longer a bother?
It's not going to happen. Look elsewhere.
And, don't even think about neighborhoods where you see large "sound barriers" between the homes and roads. Those are political, not acoustic solutions.
They don't work.
I agree with Jay. My parents bought a house that backs up to I-65 and they have 2 acres and the house is on the front of the property. They just recently widened 65 and put up the concrete sound barriers and it didn't do a bit of good. In the house it's fine. Outside it's miserable. Move on because it will be hard to sell later.
Not what I was hoping to hear but I'm glad I know for sure.

Did I mention it has bright red shag carpet? That place was awesome. :(
They say that the three most important things in real estate are:

1. Location
2. Location
3. Location

Unfortunately, inthe case of this house, all of them SUCK!