resistors in Elk Kit


I am installing my Elk system now and don't know what the 2 800ohm resistors are for. I know that the 2200ohm resistors go inline with my sensors, but I also got 2 800ohm resistors in the box. I have dug thourgh the manual but did not find any mention of them.

Any ideas?

They are for two wire smoke detectors connected to zone 16. You only need one End Of Line Resistor at the far end of the smoke detector wire run. They are for supervision of the two wire smokes. If using 4 wire smokes you do not need the resistors but will need an end of line power supervision relay module.
The smoke detectors that are being installed in my house are FireX. They are chained together so that one will set off all the rest.
My electrician said he can run a contact closure relay to my wiring room so I can detect the smokes going off. I figured I could use that on a standard zone input to trigger an alarm if the smokes go off. Will this work? Will I still need the 800ohm resistors?