[Review]ZTT000 Z-wave Thermostat


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ZTT000 Z-wave Thermostat

Requires Z-wave Remote Version 1.26 or higher


I recently received a ZTT000 Z-wave thermostat from www.AutomatedOutlet.com. As usual it arrived from Texas to Maryland very fast and I was very excited to open the box. I was a little shocked as I started to open the box because there was a smaller box inside that box. Then inside the smaller box was the thermostat which was wrapped in protective bubble wrap. The shocking part was that the thermostat was much smaller than I expected. This is not a bad thing in my opinion because that just makes it less obtrusive. Since some cocooners had expressed their concerns about the look of the thermostat I immediately took it to my wife and said what do you think about this. I asked her what she likes and dislikes about the look of the thermostat. Her reply was "It's fine". Then I told her that I need to know if she thought it was ugly and she said that she did not mind the look. Now I trust my wife’s opinion about the look since she is one of those women who love to decorate and match color and all that girly stuff. So based on here words I would say that I would rank the look a 3 (of 5).


My next step was the installation of the thermostat. Before starting I read the entire instructions and the installation seemed to be straight forward. You needed to remove your old thermostat and match up the existing colors with a list of possible color codes that they had in a chart. They assume that you have either a 4 or 5 wire setup or a 5 or 6 wire setup. It just so happens that my Honeywell thermostat was connected using 7 wires. This sent me on an internet hunt trying to figure out what all my existing wires were for. The bottom line is that the installation did not go very smooth. It took me about three hours to search for information and physically install the thermostat. I was aware that I could do serious damage to my system if I connected it wrong and it was a hot day. The last thing I wanted was to kill my air conditioner and be sleeping in 90 degree heat with 90% humidity. So I really took my time and made sure everything I was connecting was what I thought it was. In the end I only had 2 wires out of the 7 that I did not know what they were for. I knew one was for Heat and the other was for something else but I wasn’t sure which one was actually for the heat. I took a guess and I was wrong! Yikes!... Thank goodness that it did not hurt anything. I simply removed that wire and connected the other and I was good to go.

The Bad News

The bad news was that after the installation I could not figure out how to control the thermostat with my hand held remote. I spent about another hour trying to figure that out. Finally I gave up and wrote a letter to Smart Products and ACT who are the Distributor and Manufacture respectively. I also sent the same letter to Martin figuring he may be able to get more information for me. After a few e-mails it was determined that I NEEDED A NEW REMOTE. I was not happy about this so I wrote an aggressive letter to Smart Products and provided my phone number. The very net day they called me up and offered to send me a new remote containing version 1.26 of their firmware. This made up for all the frustration I had.

The Good News

Smart Products sent me the new remote 2nd Day Air which made me very happy. I immediately deleted all my switches from the old remote and reprogrammed my Thermostat and switches into the new remote. I am now able to control my Thermostat from the comfort of my bed. This has raised my PWAF (Pregnant Wife Appreciation Factor) very high. My wife goes to bed sweating and wakes up in the middle of the night freeing even though the temperature has not changed. Now she will be able to reduce the temp. without having to get out of bed.

Other Observations
  • Remote returns current set point only and not the current temp.
  • A loud beep is emitted when changing and modes or the temp from the remote
  • When using the buttons on the front of the ZTT000 the thermostat becomes warm
  • When you leave the buttons alone it does not get AS warm but it still is warm which adds a few degrees to the reading
  • It may take an expert to install

The thermostat would be better off being powered from batteries so that it did not need to dissipate its heat in the circuitry. Act is fully aware of the issues with this version of its thermostat and has told me that they are working on a solution now. I would say that if you are going to buy this thermostat you may want to wait to see if a new version which does not get warm will become available. I would also suggest that you buy from www.AutomatedOutlet.com since Martin always provides the best customer service and always works with you to make you a happy customer. Make sure you have a remote control that has version 1.26 or higher firmware. If you don't then you may want to take it upon your self to contact Smart Product or ACT to see if they will attempt to make you a happy customer. I doubt they will send free remotes to everyone but you may get lucky. Currently none of the HA software available support the ZTT000 but there have been rumors that HomeSeer will soon support it and ControlThink will support it when its released.

There are so many other things that I could ramble on about so I will not try and pick which ones you guys might be interested in. If you have questions or concerns ask me and I will try and answer them in this thread.
I was in Indianapolis this morning and had the opportunity to meet with both ACT's management and engineers and with a few gentlemen from Smart Products (their sales arm).

Whiel there, we also had the opportunity to do a full "standards compliance" test on their thermostat, and found that it works to Z-Wave spec in all the ways it advertises. It has a high _and_ low fan option, auto and "always on." It has modes for not only heating and cooling, but for dry air, gas/electric heat, etc.

And, while I didn't test this, ACT indicated that it _does not need to be polled_. Yes, you heard that right. If you have software which plays nicely with it, you can get real-time updates from the thermostat when the temperature changes, etc. Again, we have not tested this, but we will be doing so soon.

The big thing to remember with this thermostat is that to add it, you press the two middle buttons on the bottom _at the exact same time_. You should be able to add it to your network, and to to your software with any old Z-Wave remote. If you press the buttons together, but not at exactly the same time, it actually can enable a little known feature which runs the thermostat for a while before going into a low-power mode. Which means this would also be a great Z-Wave thermostat for a mobile home--a new market! You have been warned. :(

The only two things the thermostat does not support (which, as I understand it, are optional in the current Z-Wave protocol) are operating state and fan operating state. So you won't get updates in software when the heat actually turns on and off, or the fan turns on or off, but you have full control over reading/writing multiple setpoints, heating/cooling mode, and polling (or real-time) temperature.