RJ31X Test

Does any one have a simple way to test the RJ31X function on the ELK before the phone service has been established without having to set offf the alarm and take ohm readings with the sirens fgoing off?
Add a quick rule that if you press a keypad f4 it calls a phone number, like your cell phone.

That would still require a working telephone line. Are you wondering whether the RJ31X mechanical disconnect is working or if the ELK panel telephone interrupt is working? The jack itself can easily be tested with an ohm meter. The panel interrupt itself can be tested when a working telephone line is attached and you send a simple test signal to the CS. No need to set off the alarm because a test signal does not trigger output two.
What form does the test signal take?

I suppose I could hang a tone at the demark and test the whole thing that way, but I was just looking for a quick function test.
I don't have my CID list in front of me. But I think it sends a 602 test signal. Basically, picks up the line, calls the CS, handshakes, gives the test signal, then hangs up. If you get no warning of a fault then all is okay. I wouldn't worry about testing the panel until you get a working phone line, I've never had a panel that has failed to interrupt the phone line and deliver a signal. If a working phone line is difficult to obtain then you could test it with a cellular backup set as the primary.
I wasn't too concerned about the ELK, but my wiring goes from the demark thru the ELK, thru HAL, thru the DBFON, finally to the house phones..whew.
When the M1 dials everything downstream from there will be disconnected for the duration of the call.