Robo Dinosaur

wow, that is pretty neat! While watching th YouTube video, this video was in the list to the right, so I checked it out. WOW! make sure to watch about two-thirds through the video when it starts really walking around.

This would be fracking awesome to see running around a local fair or science museum!
I want that raptor costume, it would be great for halloween!

Im not sure that is a costume, it mentions a robotic dinosaur in the intro tho the video. Not that I beleive everything I hear ;) But watching closely at the legs, there is no way a persons legs can bend like that. If it were a person, they would have to be in the costume backwards, and with it really moves, it takes pretty large steps for a person walking backwards.... So who knows :)
No doubt a human inside!. Watch the video closely, especially when the animal turns and walks back toward the truck. You can clearly see a pair of human legs (black coverings) inside of the costumes "reversed hinged" legs that face the outward left and right most parts. Looks like some robotics for the neck and head portions. Still, at first glance, very convincing!