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Gosund Dimmer to Martin Jerry Dimmer Tasmota


These dimmers are easier to program than the GoSund dimmers.  Specifically these are Martin Jerry SD-01 Dimmers.
They can be found on Amazon ...2-pack is $33.99 and 4-pack is $63.99. Purchased a 4-pack here.
Watched this video.
Favorite Smart Dimmer
To be continued with methodology of Tasmota programming that I used.


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These are the switches that I have been using in my house.  Flashed to Tasmota of course.  They don't look that bad (I've seen a lot worse) and I really like the fact that with Tasmota you can define the different buttons to do different things. You can still press and hold a toggle to get the same dimmer functionality, but the "extra" toggle switches that the dimmers provide are great to program to do different things.  I have a lot of switches where the "dimmer" toggle actually turns on another set of lights (under counter LED lighting in the kitchen, or a set of side lamps in the den, etc, etc).  
They Martin Jerry also makes a couple of 3-way switches and regular non-dimming switches that all match the same general design.  I my house we have all of these types of switches and having a single cohesive design makes everything look nicer.


Yes using all WiFi switches (modded for MQTT) in house #2 which is really a test bed now for all wireless trinkets using same infrastructure as house #1 - IE: Arris modem, PFSense Box, Managed POE switch and Ruckus WAP(s)
Installed the Ring ecosystem in house #2 (proprietary Z-Wave for wireless trinkets) and managing it now with HS and HA and web interface not the cell phone.
The GoSund dimmer switches are working fine with the custom Tasmota firmware.  Now though replacing those with the Martin Jerry dimmer switches such that I can keep updating Tasmota firmware on these.
I am also going to replace the WYSE outdoor dual port switches which I upgraded to Tasmota but having odd issues with it.  
In house #1 using WiFi custom Espurna firmware switches for the RGB (white white) under the kitchen cabinet lighting and temperature/humidity sensors. 
The custom Espurna firmware is connected to a digital pot / switch on a MagicHome Controller and added 1-wire temperature sensors to these controllers.
It was a pita to solder to the Magic Home Controller and really not for the casual automation DIYer.  Been running fine now over a year.  (4 of these)

  Under kitchen cabinet LED lamps with mcsMQTT control
All in wall switches are UPB still (although have a Zigbee Zim, VRCOP, X10 and UPB PIM connected to the OP2 panel)   HS and HA do Zigbee and ZWave and UPB over doing it a bit there.  
Wishing I could do MQTT directly from the OP2 panel.  Just purchased a Leviton Lumina WiFi controller for pennies..taking it a part, rooting it and going to see what I can do with it to modify the firmware on it...
Leviton 74A00-1


Status 9th of December, 2021
Updated the Martin Jerry Dimmer switch today with Tasmota 10.X
The buttons on it work fine; IE: on / off paddle and dimming paddles.
No remote control of it.  Upgrading again via serial pins to see what happens.

Downgraded back to Tasmota 9.5.x. Same issues as above.

Update 10th of December, 2021

Thinking I got one bad switch or I made it bad unsticking the serial and power wires from the main board to the switch board. Other MJ dimmer switches are fine and updated fine.