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Should I Buy a V572?


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I am trying to decide wether to by a V572 or not, as my Automaton Software (HAL) currently does not support the W800. It still uses X10 though, and there are a lot better and faster protocols right now. I just don't want to spend $75-$100 on something and then find out that Smarthome is rolling out a whole line of wireless Inteon devices. What do you guys think?

Currently I have a PAT01 (X-10 Pro Tranceiver), with 2 Motion detectors. Last night I had to unplugg it twice because it was sending a contstant stream of X10 signals. My understand is that the V572 can help with that, correct?


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I loved my V572 until I realized the W800RF was so much faster. In your situation, I think you will be happy with it.

I don't think smarthome, or anyone else will replace it, seeing Insteon already has RF receivers in their core products.



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The W800RF is one of the best pieces in my set up... I don't think you can go wrong with it. For me, an average user, it and the Ocelot are the backbones of my system.


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ahhhh, another HAL user! I personally am converting to all wired motion sensors. It's time to let x10 go :angry: HAL's Insteon support is getting better with each beta version.