Speaking of ds10a motion sensors


X10 has ds10a's on sale today - 6 for $29.99. (Is it just me or are their website and marketing methods cartoonish and rather stupid?)

In any case... while I've got your attention.. I got my w800rf32a last week and I can't figure out how in the world to make ds10a's work with homeseer 1.7.

I've got the w800rf32a plugin going and I see where you can add a sensor and I can actually add one. Now what? For instance, when I put a sensor on the garage door and raised/lowered it homeseer didn't report any change - it just sits there saying "normal". Also when I add a ds10a sensor device homeseer actually creates 3 separate devices - one for the sensor and 2 that have something to do with security.

Obviously I've got something configured wrong.

BTW, is there any x10 software programs that has less of a learning curve than homeseer. I'm about burnt out from trying to make it do what I want it to do. I can see that it is extremely powerful and definitely will do much more than I need to do but all the options are getting in my way of doing what I need to do if that makes sense.

I've got a simple setup of 45-50 x10 devices of various sorts and mostly events triggered by time of day. Nothing super-elaborate.

Wow went throught the same thing. Does the light on the sensor come on when you separate the sensors. Also when you are setting up the sensor in the plugin config...make sure that it is recognized. You will see a code in the window. You can also press the test button to make sure that it has the code.

I thought this was one of the most simple setup in HS. WAit till you get to the Motion sensor setup.

I am using simple setup like it is setup to generate on and off. I then have it do stuff like turn on lights etc based ont eh status change.

I had one sensor do this and it was a pian as I had already screwed it in the garage door. I had to move the battery and then all of a sudden it worked.

Do let me know if you have any other questions.

Did you look at HCA? Their interface couldn't be simpler to figure out. All programming is done with simple to use blocks that make up a visual flowchart. They have very good ds10a and UPB support too. No Insteon yet though. Here's a link to their site: HCA Tech