speech is gone.....


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I have lost speech from my elk. Other than wireless and the misc vm i can't get any of the following to work.

When I activate the task either using x10 or the function keys...i don't hear anything. Also, when the motion sensor is activated...i can see it asviolated in elkrp but nothing is announced.

What am i doing wrong?


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Sorry here is rhe image for zone 8.

When I click on the say and send...i hear it announce the voice command.


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So, you are saying you want the text spoken as a chime? Is enable chime as well as other setting checked in Globals 19-25?
Yes...all is setup. Chime is on the keypad and the globals. I have a wireless door contact set up the same way as the zone 8 wired PIR. When I open that door....it announces "front door open". Now all the wireless sensors work and announce. If I do a rule and use the announce VM(245)...it works.

The hardwired PIR does not announce and also the tasks above. I tried adding a announce to the rule for the task and it announced what I wanted it to announce.

You need to write a Rule and tell the Rule to say the voice description of the Task, Light, or Output.

A long time ago we had the M1 speaking the voice programmed into the individual Task, Light or Output automatically, but that caused many other application problems.

I can understand what you are saying. OK for the tasks I will do the rule.

But I am lost on the ZOne 8 (screenshot above) as it used to announce and has stopped announicng and I did nothing to make any change. Also, it is the same kind of setup that I have for my wireless zones and it works.

You would agree that it should announce the wired PIR. What could it be???

Read the programming of zone 8 into ELKRP and make sure it is programmed properly.

Go to zone 8 programming in ELKRP and do a "send and say". Does it talk correctly?

Verify zone 8 has chime turned on. Turn the Chime on using the Chime Button with 3 presses, Voice and Chime, and violate zone 8. You should hear the voice description and the chime tone.

Report anything that is not right.