Strange Insteon Behaviour


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I had a situation occur with one of the bedroom light switches (switchlinc dimmer v2 (Insteon)) where it would not turn off, dimming from a linked control linc would not work, and local dimming was strange. I've had it in for a few weeks now I think.

I reset it and it seems to work again, but has anyone seen this behaviour? This is the first time I have seen it happen, and I was curious if it is a known problem that has been corrected in later versions? (I'll have to take the plate off to see the version if that will mean anything).

I had this happen with a Relay after a power outage. A reset cured the problem and it hasn’t happened since. I'll check the version later tonight.
I've had two issues, but not this one.

I had one switch die. Worked for a couple of days; then quit.

I have another strange thing: one switch FLASHES every now and then.

I can recreate the flash 100% of the time from the buttons of any Keypad Linc , but all other switches have no affect.

The affected switch is a 1000w Switch with a load of less than 700w, FWIW.
That switch started acting wierd (would not dim for 3 or 4 taps, but then would work).

I'm going to RMA it. I didn't bother taking the plates off to check the version since I need to remove it now. I'll note what it is when I get it which version it is. The other ones that are installed have not had anything like this happen.

I just replaced the faulty Icon switch (paddle would stick on top and bottom) yesterday, so that one seems to be back in operational order again.
I'm starting to question the quality of these Insteon switches. I have had 5 die already. 4 on delivery and one lasted about 2 weeks.
I had one DOA Icon out of the 18 or so I bought. The V2s have been fine so far, but I have fewer of them. Then again, I had some bizarre behavior out of Switchlinc relays with X10 at times.

I'm holding back on judgement for now, but sure hope we don't have quality issues here. I really like the concept of Insteon, and hope it is successful.
Early Insteon switches had a resistor issue that supposed to be fixed by mid-October. These switches would just die for no reason. I have replaced around 15 or so of them. No problems from SH with one exception of a FNG who didn't know about the issue and wanted to test them before he would agree to a replacement. A call to another tech rep got the issue corrected and he was explained the issue.
Rupp said:
I'm starting to question the quality of these Insteon switches. I have had 5 die already. 4 on delivery and one lasted about 2 weeks.
Were those the original switches (when they first came out)? I've been more forgiving consider it is a new technology and there have been no issues returning them. I've only had a few be bad (this will make my third out of around a dozen (although some have not been installed yet). They have also lowered the price, which was another positive.

Had this been out for a year or two I'd be expecting something different however.