tablets and wall mounting

Thank you Geekland and welcome to the Cocoontech forum.
Personally have switched out of the use of Android for my automation touchscreens and currently using Microsoft. 
The tabletops are all connected Gb via POE which works just fine for me. 
Wireless tablets left around are in OFF mode most of the time and really only utilized if anything for internet surfing and not much for automation these days.  
I am still wanting to nothing to do with SIBO as the company as historically they left me with a sour taste that yet today hasn't left. (even if they are now in ATL).
I am pushing it a bit with a base of 15 touch screen tablets going to 20 using Windows 7 embedded, W8 embedded and W10.
Here the tablets all have Microsoft SAPI and currently testing out using the Kinect device for both the Amazon Alexa and Kinect software stuff. 
Works for me today not having anything or any part or any automation dependencies on Apple or Android; which suits me fine these days (I am a curmudgeon).