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Tasmota Time Zone Table


For those using Tasmota devices.

Tasmota Commands

Tasmota Timezone table

Here moving to a new box which will be running:

1 - Ubuntu 22.04
2 - Homeseer 4 in Linux
3 - Home Assistant in an Oracle Virtualbox
4 - Windows 7 in an Oracle Virtualbox for Microsoft SAPI in multiple speaker instances with multiple SAPI fonts.
5 - CumulusMX connected to a Davis Weatherstation Console and also using a MeteoHub with Meteostick connected to same weatherstation.

I am already doing this except that HA is running in native Ubuntu Linux. Backed up my configuration and uploaded configuration to HA VB and it works great.

I have a few Espurna firmware devices and converting these to Tasmota for easy management with HA / Tasmota Admin add on.
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