The POWER of PowerHome


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I just did two things with PowerHome that just completely blew me away! First I decided to juggle a bunch of Icon switches to take advantage of the mixture of green and yellow LEDs now available to me. This was more than just a simple replace operation where the bad switch is no longer there and you have all the links transferred to the new switch... this was much harder. I replaced switch A with a new yellow Icon then put switch A back into service in a different location where it had to link with a bunch of existing switches. Then I did it again. Then I told PowerHome what replaced what and told it to fix all the links... and it did it all just like magic!

Next I decided I didn't want to keep track of all the attic storage rooms separately. I had just installed 7 Icon switches up there and decided for that application I would create a giant 7 switch (8-way?) link and have them all operate in unison. I also wanted them all linked to a keypad button at the bottom of the stairs so I could press one button and know the storage lights are all off. That's 8 cross-linked devices for a total of 56 links. It took a leisurely 2 1/2 minutes of mouse clicking and it was done!

This is very cool software!
I just ordered 14 more Insteon devices from Martin (bringing my total to 32). I think it is about time I try out PowerHome :)