Light Switches &Removing My HAI


New Member
I have OmniPro II automation and I think firmware 2.10 (that’s what the packet left from previous owner says). I went to change a light switch to a z-wave dimmer switch since the switch was not a dimmer. I know nothing about HAI and just general knowledge of technology all together. Now the light switch doesn’t work at all even after I put back the old switch that says HAI on it. I decided to have the whole system taken out and then put in a new alarm system all together. The new system will run on a z-wave hub. I tried installing more z-wave switches so I could automate on my phone but whenever I change a HAI switch it stops working all together. I am now worried when I disconnect the system none of my switches will work. Either that or they will all start working fine. Anyone know which outcome it will be?