The Ultimate DVR/PVR Software List


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Have any of you seen stuttering when playing hard drive based movies? I tried formatting with smaller cluster sizes but I still see it occur.

I am using the default player so perhaps that is part of it? I had trial'd theatertek I think it was but have not gone further on my CQC setup so let it run out and uninstalled it.

The other thing I noticed on sage (using the MCE skin if it matters) is if you hit back while on a hard drive based movie it can lock up (I can't remember if it is when you are on a menu screen or not).

I have not looked at the new version though, I should do that, maybe that fixes some of this.


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Well the bright side of that is that once I get back to software based players it seems it does not have that issue.

I will have to trial it again (I was not ready for it last time and frankly did not really use it).

Richard Naninck

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As far as I know, Meedio (WinXP) has become freeware as of version 1.39
The latest and last version (already one year old) 1.41 does not require a key anymore. Hence it can move to the free software list.


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You might want to take Xlobby off the free list as this software project has been bought by Calrad. Xlobby will be a pay software in the furture (the downloadable version now has a "time bomb" in it - soner or later you will have to pay)