Thoughts on ZWave?

I wish the startup cost wasn't that high (from what I understand you need to have that expensive tabletop controller just to set these modules up), and personally I am waiting for the motion sensors and other cool zwave stuff. Do you have any idea about pricing yet?
I'd be interested as well depending on price. I have several areas in my house on out of phase and my cm11a has been dragged out for too long. So depending on cost, I'd definately be game.
They will let me know on Monday what the lowest price I can post on a public internet site is. You know I'll be there. There are a few companies out there with prices posted but no inventory... That's pretty risky posting prices before you know for sure what your final cost is going to be. I think our friends that own that other message board may be in a little trouble on their switch prices.

I'll know more in a few days.
Definately keep up posted. I'm thinking, but looking over my shoulder to make sure wife isn't looking too!!!!!
Interested in the zwave motion sensors too. Maybe we should consider buying (1) controller for setting up and sharing. Just an idea :unsure:
lol. that's almost a great idea, if it wasn't for us being tinkerers and changing stuff around all the time :unsure:
Forgot about that part. I could see mailing it to next guy, then 1 hour later running after the mailman trying to get it back off him :unsure:
I honestly like the idea of RF based control. In fact, one reason I haven't bought X10 yet, is because of the way it works. I just haven't built up enough trust for it yet. I want something reliable that won't piss me off :unsure:
Well, I did get in my Zwave stuff last week but still have not been about to post pricing due to some issues with the manufacturer. They are in the process of setting minimum pricing for resellers. Pricing you are currently seeing on some websites are about to go up...

If you want some of this ZWave stuff. For right now, you'll have to send me an email and I'll quote you a good price. Everything is in stock except the appliance modules and ivory relay switches (due to me next week). I have my pricing in mind but it's lower than the manufacturer will allow me to post at this time.
I'm curious about your public pricing as well. Also...I'm on your mailing list. Maybe you could send out a newsletter as well.

WANT it,,,,but leary I guess.
Just posted the pricing tonight. ACT finally came to agreements with the distributors. They lowered the MSRP to a more realistic street pricing and basically removed most the restrictions on the posted pricing.

Looking for more bullet-proof? If you have the money to take it to the next level, the Lightolier firewall would make a dramatic difference.

P.S. - I signed the distribution deal with Lightolier today. All of their products will soon be on the website when the new website is released soon.