Tracing existing wires


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The previous owner of my house (an old house, built in 1930) wired the house for Cat 5 (phone only) when he did some renovations 5 or so years ago. There is a 66 punch block in the basement utility room with 6 Cat 5 cables wired in - one in from the Telco, and the remaining 5 wired in a star topography to various points in the house.

Problem is, I don't know where all the wires go. Soon after they leave the punch block, they disappear behind finished walls and ceilings. I have traced 3 of the 5 cables - two went to an upstairs phone jack (one was terminated for phone service, the other left disconnected), and one to a basement phone jack.

For the remaining 2 cables, I am assuming they were run to various places in the house and left in the walls or ceilings for future use. Is there any way I can figure out where they go? E.g. put some kind of a signal on the cables and use some kind of tool to detect where they run to in the house?

Welcome to CocoonTech! A tracer/toner MIGHT let you blindly follow the wires, it all depends upon how deep in the walls or hidden behind other obstructions they are. any chance they might run to a security panel? or to a satellite box or Tivo?