Turning off all the cpu hogs in windows 10...


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Wifes laptop speed seemed fine for quite a while but had gotten very sluggish lately. Did a google search and found that there are lots of default things enabled that are totally useless (IMHO). Turned off things and it made a huge improvement in responsiveness. It was mainly to disable programs that automatically start up and disable graphics effects. Many here probably know about these things but thought I would post here as it made a big difference. There are a number of sites that detail these - here is one:
This machine has a HDD but it will make a difference on either SSD or HDD. I have made the same changes on a SSD laptop and will do it on my desktop too. Even if it only makes a slight improvement I am only giving up some subtle display effects I don't care about and may not even notice.
oh I understand, no problems with that approach. I was mostly curious, as moving from a mechanical drive to SSD will offer a huge boost in performance.
I tweaked first versions of Windows 10 / 11 and all of my tweaks / changes were restored with updates to Windows 10/11.

The above said mostly use Linux desktop on my laptops and desktop today which are mostly utilizing for surfing on the internet except for Wife's laptop. I did try Linux and she would have none of it. ;)

An SSD drive will speed up the computer RW stuff and now prices have come way down on SSD drives.
You may notice will Windows 11 being pushed that the updates will suddenly increase ten fold on Windows 10 also. This seems to be a major cause of making the previous Windows version look bad until it doesn't allow some apps to run properly anymore.

Windows techs swear they are not doing this but every version of Windows I have seen seems to magically slow down after the sudden splurge of updates come down for their "deprecating" O/S, after many months or years of silence on the update front.

Of course MS likely just happen to suddenly find security holes after years of experience writing O/S es. After all, don't we always usually paint all our walls and replace all the trim and cupboards, just before moving out to somewhere else?😀
My computer will definitely slow down when there is a "pending" OS update that hasn't been installed. Once it is installed, it magically goes back to running at normal speeds. It's not a subtle change either.