TV/Projector Wiring

Are the wallplate inserts listed on AutomatedOutlet universal? I cant seem to find the associated brand names - but from the looks of the part numbers - they have a couple difference vendors. Will part X (from automated outlet) work in a leviton decora wall plate?

I was thinking about using these ( to terminate things behind the wallplate. However, Leviton recommends using their $130 master compression tool. I dont own a compression tool and am ready to make the plunge and buy one - but that seems crazy expensive. Will those Quickport Compression fittings only work with their tool?

Anyone recommend a good and fairly priced compression tool (for F and RCA connectors)?
Also, what is everyone's experience between using Leviton and ChannelVision Wallplates and Inserts?

Is one better than the other? It seems like ChannelVision is much cheaper. they dont have the nice compression fitting that I listed above - but I guess i could make due.