UPB and Compose Firewall

Has anyone tried using UPB across a compose firewall? Did it work well if at all?


Bob, I have this same issue in my house. The solution for me was to put a second PIM inside of the firewall.

So you are saying the firewall does filter out the UPB traffic?

When you say inside the firewall, do you mean that a pim on any circuit of the firewall can communicate with UPB devices on any other circuit on the firewall?

i have mostly compose switches, but i am thinking of adding some either zwave or UPB switches both with in the firewall and outside of it. I had hoped to add some scene switches as well. It seems like z-wave might be a better answer, and the leviton scene switches seem to look better then the UPB scene switches.

What do you think?

Thanks for you help,