UPB Controlled Outlets


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More than 15 amps on a coffee machine? Is this a mid-level espresso machine?

I took a different route with my LaSpaziale espresso machine. Instead of switching the power, I just switched the relay contacts for the power switch. You can do this with a UPB IO module.


Hi Bob;

I'm sorry I can't answer your question, but I did want to point out that when people are starting to draw over 15 amps from their outlet you do need to ensure the following:
  • The breaker is rated for 20 amps (that way you will also know the existing wiring from the outlet to the breaker is 12 gauge.
  • The outlet is rated for 20 amps (as you are looking for). Usually these outlets have a horizontal slot on the 'left' receptacle's input as shown below.
  • The plug itself is rated for 20 amps (as shown below).
  • The wire from the appliance to the plug is at least 12 gauge in size.
I've had various items (at work) draw over 15 amps without the above items in place, and that plug does get very hot!

If you don't have an answer to your question here, call Automated Outlet or Worthingtons.



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Is there a 20A UPB receptacle?

My coffee machine seems to draw more than its specified 15 amps and my UPB receptacle has failed. As well, there was an unusual failure of the transformer in the machine. The coffee repair tech didn't really know, but said it might be related.
Anyone know more about this than me?

I haven't even seen any 15amp UPB receptacles - the ones I've seen are 12amps... that could be why. You can get appliance modules that are rated up to the full 15.

Otherwise you could get a little more creative, if you're comfortable, using a contactor or a relay to use a lower-rated UPB module to switch higher amperage circuits.