UPB, Insteon, and WAF


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As I've mentioned in several other posts, I have been in the process of installing a variety of devices to test the differences between UPB and Insteon.

To date, I have installed the following:

UPB: 1 Dimmer, 1 Dimmer + 4 button switch, 1 Lamp Control
Insteon: 1 Icon Dimmer, 1 Icon Relya, 1 SwitchLinc Dimmer, 1 KeyPadLinc, 2 Lamp Controls

Out of all of the above, guess what has the highest WAF?

The Icons. She says they look the most "normal" vs. high tech. She says the green LEDs are just there to help you find the switch in the dark, which makes sense. The other are too "star trek" for her tastes.

How often does lowest cost = wife's preference? This is historical is it not? ;)
If she knows that the Icon switches are cheaper, she would probably find reasons to like the Icon switch better, at least that is how some wives are.
Could I be so lucky ?
My wife could walk into a store with no prices and easily pick out the most expensive items.

It's some kind of price telepathy.....

My wife and I prefer the Icons as well. The simpler look fits in better with our smaller home. The "night light" comes in handy as the low-profile of the switches makes it hard to find the switch in the dark. That was the first thing I noticed after replacing some older X10 stuff.