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  • SAN DIEGO, CA – February 23, 2005 – www.Simply-Automated.com, Simply Automated, Incorporated is proud to announce two new Universal Phase Couplers that, when installed in conjunction with Universal Powerline Bus (UPB) home automation products, make a highly reliable system even better.

    Passive phase couplers transmit powerline communication signals between the two power phases that exist in most homes. Besides UPB signals, these Universal Phase Couplers also pass X10 and broadband frequencies, and thus are able to address mixed technology applications with only one device per home.

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  • SAN DIEGO, CA – February 23, 2005 – www.Simply-Automated.com, Simply Automated, Incorporated is proud to announce that the SimplyBrilliantâ„¢ family of Universal Powerline Bus (UPB) Dimming Transceiver Switches and In-Wall Controllers is now rated to 1000W. These new 1000W switches are available now. At the same time, Simply Automated is also announcing the discontinuance of the earlier 600W switches.

    The SimplyBrilliant family of 1000W switches and in-wall controllers now offers the most flexibility available in wall-mounted switches and controllers. With its separate switch body and interchangeable faceplates, available in white, almond, ivory and black, the SimplyBrilliant Family allows the installer to select and/or upgrade switch functionality and color in the field, without having to remove the switch base from the wall. The SimplyBrilliant Universal Switch (US2-30) accepts interchangeable faceplates ranging from a decorative single rocker style, to dual, triple and quad rocker versions that act as UPB controllers. Additional multi-button faceplates to be launched in the 2nd quarter of 2005 include 4-button, 4-button with single rocker, and 8-button models with a choice of oval or thin bar button styles.

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I know people have mixed reviews of these switches as to their look and feel. Anyone out there using these that could give us some insight?
I was impressed by them at EHX. Looks are okay (no line of LEDs along the side, but that really is a geek factor item, not WAF), and the feel is okay to me. They have a softer feel than the Compose/Smarthome units, more along the line of Leviton and Lutron. People will like/dislike the feel according to personel prefferences. I LOVE the functionality. I want to put together a "EHX impressions" thread ( if someone hasn't already started one), so more later.
I also saw those interchangable face plates and kind of liked the idea. The basic switch (with 8 contacts) remains the same, its just the faceplates that change, reaching a varying number of those contacts.