UPB: SAI, Pulseworx, HAI?


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It looks like I'll pretty much be going with UPB for my M1 and I have a question pertaining to WAF. I currently have a few of the Smarthome 23885 relays in white but they are sort of a grayish white and don't really match the regular white decora switches - earned me low WAF b4 even starting! Has anybody at least seen the different UPB dimmers from SAI, Pulseworx, HAI, etc and can tell me which ones are pure white that match the decora's? Need to increase WAF otherwise I'm done b4 I even get going! If there is a particular reason to steer away from one of them I'd like to know that too. Martin - you sell the SAI - why did you pick those over Pulseworx or HAI? Thanks.
I've noticed the grey tint, but only on a multi-way companion switch. I have not noticed it on the normal switchlinc's.

I have another one in the next room and it does not look grey (I'll double check that) so I'm guessing there may be certain batches that have the issue.
These have a definite tint. First thing after I put them in wife says, why are they greyer, they don't match. You can even see the diff between the switch and the plate, not just the other switches around. All the switches are the original Leviton Decora. Any suggestion between the SAI and HAI?
my biggest complaint with the switchlinc switches is their lack of color consistancy. I've got a three gang box where all three switches are different shades of white. :rolleyes:

Here's a picture showing this:


... pretty pitiful isn't it? The rightmost one is an older v1.0 switchlinc so I'm not really complaining about that, but the two version 2 Switchlincs next to it were bought only a few months apart from each other...

So far, I've not noticed this with the SAI switches. Here's a picture showing two SAI switches in a double gang box:

Tried to search for UPB or SAI but need more than three letters for a search so I'll ask my question instead:

Will the HAI and SAI UPB switches all work together? Can I program the HAI switches with the SAI utlilty?

Martin: Are there different warranties between the two manufacturers.

I'm sold on the M1G (will be ordering shortly) but would also like to pick up some UPB switches at the same time.

UPB devices are generally programmed with a PC and a UPB PIM using software called UPStart. This is a free utility and is available from all UPB manufacturers. SAI is short for Simply Automated inc. and their devices will indeed work perfectly with both HAI and PCS supplied UPB devices.