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Using System Sensor 2W-MOD2 and RRS-MOD together


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Those diagrams are showing a 4 Wire fire loop going into the MOD2 module. You probably don't need that module if you are using a 2 Wire fire loop. Yes you need the 680 ohm resistor as the EOL resistor.


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I'm trying to use it to relay the maintenance signal back to the M1.

It can be used to do a 4-wire to 2-wire conversion, but my objective is to get the clean-me signal sent to another zone. From what I understand you do not need to install it to a 4-wire panel (although that is an option with the Elk of course), although I am trying to find those references now.

I am using 2-wire detectors (the ones listed in the example).

If it all works, I get 2-wire smokes, that are synchronized (using the RRS-MOD) and I do not lose the clean-me signal (which is sent to another zone by the 2W-MOD2) and can be acted on.