VisionTech camera (VC20LW43) installed!


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I finally had the incentives to mount my VisionTech 0 lux camera (Halloween), so I decided to try Martin's advice, and run some cat5, then run power from my server room to the camera over 1 pair, and the video signal over anoher pair. The length of the cable is 127ft, and the picture is perfect! I measured the voltage, it's 12.49VDC at both ends, so that won't be a problem either. I am not using any baluns for the video signal, just 2 RCA connectors. I know some had doubts that this could be done without any baluns, which is why I posted here :(

I attached a snapshot, it's a little bright as the sun is hitting the lens, and I don't have the shade installed, but it still doesn't look bad at all. The camera works pretty well at night too, the only problem I am having are the IR led's, which have a red glow, attracting bugs, setting off the motion detection in my webcam software, as they come really close to the camera. I might do a full review on this camera later, pics of wiring can be posted if desired, I just have to take some when I get home.


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Id like to see a night shot. This is my main goal.. I want to get a cam that looks great at night.
No offense.... but the need for baluns is quite evident in the posted image.

Post the same image using co-ax, or baluns.
For those who dont know what a Balun is like me.


<electronics> A transformer connected between a balanced
source or load and an unbalanced source or load. A balanced
line has two conductors, with equal currents in opposite
directions. The unbalanced line has just one conductor; the
current in it returns via a common ground or earth path.

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Ski, that's how the image looks when a small TV is hooked up directly to the camera. Remember I had the morning sun hitting the camera, and no sun shade was installed. The webcam software hasn't been tuned either. Maybe baluns will help, but it's a large expense just to find out if it improves the picture a lot.

Rupp: I bought this camera when Martin got them first in stock (many months ago), it was one of the 2 camera's he had that could do between 50-100ft IR range.

I am getting some emails with snapshots taken when there was some motion earlier, and the pictures look 'interlaced' almost, is this because I don't use baluns? I don't see this issue when looking at the live video feed, but that might not mean anything.
Nope... that is probably cause you are in 640x480 for the capture card, or do not have deinterlace running.
It's a Pinnacle PCTV card, using the composite input and VisionGS software. I will have to do some more research I guess.
I'm not speaking about the image itself, but what appears to be video ghosting and reflections.Post a link to a full sized image please... !
that is a direct capture, click the attachment, and it will open the original size one.
here are some more pics, keep in mind I still need to figure out the correect settings and might need baluns (there is some ghosting in the b/w pics). I have no street lights, and I live in the country, so there is no 'ambient' lighting.

all lights off:

x10 floodlights on:

exterior garage lights (the same as my porch lights):
Just curious on a couple of items:

Why are you running power over the long Cat5 cable and not just plugging the wall wart near where the camera is?

Also, why can't you run a length of RG-6 (75 ohm coax)? Did you already have the Cat5 installed between the garage and server room?
I have plenty of Cat5 in stock, and it's easier to run than RG6 (only had a few feet anyways). I only have 1 outlet (and it isn't close enough) in the garage as the builder never finished it, and the outlet is usually in use. Since I am going to install a structured wiring panel, I want to centralize all my power needs for my camera's and motion sensors.