Watching a movie over the lan via wireless?


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I ripped a couple of DVD's and placed the VOB files on a share. I tried to watch them on my laptop via a wireless connections and it obviously wasn't fast enough. How do you guys watch them over your lan. Do you compress them?
Are you using 802.11b or g? b will be pushing it (since the DVD files aren't compressed), in most cases 802.11b won't work, however, you should be able to watch the DVD using 802.11g.
Rupp, I assume when you run the same DVD locally that you dont see the stutter? Video playback is CPU intensive. Proper codecs affect stutter issues as well.
I've read in multiple places that people are able to play DVDs over G without any trouble.

I'm not one of those people. I tried using different channels, repositioning the antennas, everything I could think of but nothing worked. It can be done, just not by me. ;)
What other wirless devices are you using rupp?

From what i can recall from my memory if you are doing something such as providing wireless network access to other PC's at the same time then they are all sharing the BW wich lowers the amount of data you can transfer. If you have other devices hooked up try to disable all them and see if it makes it any better.

Also are you going from G to G or B to G. Make sure that you in fact are using G because using B even if its on one end of the network will cause stuttering
I was using G to G. I brought up my wireless indicator that resides in the system tray and it shows the average through put to be ~ 48 - 54 mbits. I do share the connection with several other wireless devices but I assume it's still getting what the graph shows. It's so choppy that I simply can't watch it.
Is the other device mobile. Can you try plugging it directly into the lan using a wire to see if it is in fact the lan connection causing the issue

It seems to me like there should be a setting in your media player software the determines how long to buffer the file thats its loading before it start to play it. I have tried to search for you on the internet but have not found much information obout such a setting. I would think that you could simply bump up the buffer like if you were streaming from the internet. You might want to ask one of those geek forums if there is a setting.

What software are you using to play the video?
With .11g, you'll also see it drop back to slower speeds if there is a slower device on the air, such as a PC with a .11b card in it. Since it is a shared medium, all connections will suffer.

Also, increase the buffers in the player if you can. It'll take longer to start up the playback, but it should be a bit smoother if the network is choppy. I also wonder if there may be a problem with the way the file is stored - could the file compression be causing poor throughput on .11g ?? You can test this with different file formats that offer different compression levels.

I'd test here, but I don't have a wireless PC now - my wireless is shut off at the moment because there's nothing to support.

Are you sure it isn't the server's LAN connection?
I use InterVideo WinDVD4 player that came with my pc. I couldn't find a buffering setting? I have g and b devices but according to my DLink control panel I'm getting ~ 48 -54 mbit connection speed?


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