Water meter remote logging


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I have a water meter with a pulse output attached to an Omega pulse data logger. Basically I can set intervals over which the data logger counts pulses from the water meter. I can then download to my pc. The part of this that is a pain is that I need to either go out to the water meter to download, or bring the data logger in the house.
Is there something else out there that will allow me to do this remotely directly to a PC? I don't mind running a line from the meter to the house.
The pulse logger you are using sounds like the OM-CP-Pulse101 which is manufactured by MadgeTech for Omega. www.TheDataLoggerStore.com sell this product and others like it.
The MadgeTech dataloggers have the ability to show in real time the recording of data, all you need to do is have the interface cable connected to the logger and set the software to show real time recording, the logger can also be recording at the same time. You did not mention the distance between the logger and your computer. There are two ways you can connect between the distance, one is to run a wire from the meter to your computer and have the logger at the computer and connect the pulse wire from the meter and have the logger connected to the computer. The other way is to run a RS-232 cable from the computer to the logger located at the meter. Since the logger downloads at a rather slow rate, the distance you can run the rs-232 cable can be upwards of 300 feet. I think the best way is the first way.

Note, if you leave the interface cable connected to the logger and not to the computer, it will drain the battery of the logger, if connected to the computer, be sure that the computer is left on, the interface cable will draw its power from the RS-232 connection and not the logger.

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Considering the wired approach, how long can that run be? I've thought about monitoring this, but I'm 1000 feet from my water meter so I never got real serious with it. Also, what is the potential for a power spike on this wire blowing out your comm port?