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I have been using KONFABULATOR for my desktop PC since they made it free a little while back. I LOVE the icons that they are using! Dose anyone know how to get these? I ran a networking "snoop" program, and see that they are coming from's IP address. I cant tell the file directory or file names for them though.

Dose anyone know of a program that will show exact network traffic locations? For instance""? Or better yet, does anyone have these or know where they are stored already?

See the attached image and I think you will see why I want them! The "graphics bar" is a Konfabulator widget, and a full graphic. The Icons are seperate by themselves, and do not have the temperature, city name in them ect. That is added by the widget for display on the desktop.


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Do they provide the sourcecode for this widget? You should be able to figure out what it's doing by using a real sniffer such as Ethereal.
Ok, I did some more research, since I was waiting for my other machine to finish up, and here are the results. I assume you are using the mini weather widget? The .widget file is just a ZIP file, so extract it, and you will see a Resources directory, which contains all these graphic files you are looking for. The only reason it goes to is to get the actual weather data.

If this is not the same widget, please point me to the right direction, so I can take a look at it, or see if you can open it with WinRAR/WinZip, and if you can access the resources.
Electron, I did some looking into the file structure, and there are no graphics files stored locally... seperately anyways :)

I opened "The Weather" widget binary into notepad and had a look around. It appears that the graphics are archived in the actual widget itself. In notepad there are plain text lines in the binary like the following:

The Weather.widget/Contents/Resources/Big/Showers.png

There is a line like this for each of the weather conditions, and a duplicate for the nighttime graphics as well.

From the bit of coding experiance that I have, it looks like a call to the actual widget binary to extract/call up the appropriate graphic to display.

Now, is there a way to extract them from the widget, by calling them from some other DLL or something? I am out of my league now, but it seems the only way to get them would be to "call/pull" them out of the binary file somehow.

I even tried saving a section of the text file, between the "title" and the next title, which look like markers in the binary for the start and stop of the embeded PNG file. Hehehe no such luck, but I really knew it wouldnt be THAT easy!
If what electron got was not what you were looking for, you can play around in the following location (and it's not the exact images either):

where the 34.gif goes up past 35.

This is only part of what you want though (it doesn't have the background piece as that's not on the area of the site I found these).

Hope this helps.
Electron you are correct the widget files are actually zip files.

When the widget is opened it is extracted to the C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Pixoria\Konfabulator\<widgetname> directory. At least thats where it is on my machine. I am also running The Weather widget and all the graphics are stored in the various directories under The Weather folder.

Hope this helps.

Yes! Thank You! I looked in the programs folder for Konfabulator when Electron mentioned it, and didnt look further, like I should have! I found them, and am in the process of "picking up the pieces". I am combining the artwork into the standard weather icons (1 thru 52) and should have it done in the next day or so.

Thanks guys for all the help!