Well, I got that off my chest...


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Im sure I'll want to apologize when I re-read it, but holey shiznit! I've wanted to say this for a while...

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I wonder how his Corvette is riding lately.... :D

I got his number a while ago. With all his hot air, you could float a blimp.
LOL... That was great TreeTop.

He is not a very smooth talker when it comes to advertising his software. He never participates in any other Home Automation discusions unless it is about his software and when he does participate on topics about his software he is always defending his price. I'm sorry Dean but most of the guys who are interested in Home Automation are just your average Joe's making $40k a year. It's only natural for them to want to save a buck. But if you think about it. What does it matter if you sell you software to one person for $200 or to two People for $100. Chances are if you lowered your price you would be able to attract more users who in turn would start to spread the work about how well your program is put together and how good your customer support is (If it is good?) and that would attract even more people. Don't get me wrong i think you are a great programmer but your pushy marketing scheme sucks. Oh and the name CQC isnt very catchy either. Its kind of freakish and doesnt really say "Easy to use HomeAutomation Software"
Personally, I don't like his constant efforts to substantiate his pricing. If he has to keep doing that, then he is definitely preaching to the wrong market. He should be selling CQC to the professional installers and high-end home builders' A/V consultants, not DIY'ers like us. If he is so against hobby use, he shouldn't even support X10.

I'm even considering giving up Homeseer as it is approaching the same price point, and the new features, while nice, are being bundled in a way that reduces the flexibility and capability for me to do the things I want my way.

I am so turned off by the tone of the posts that I won't even look at his stuff, let alone buy it. And I'd certainly steer others away from it if they are, like me, a DIYer and budget HAer.