WF800 & Multiple Antennas?


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Can you simply put a cable splitter inbetween the WF800 & the coax antenna? I would like to have an antenna in the attic & in the basement for my wireless. Is that possible?

I was figuring I could use a 2 to 1 cable splitter, order another antenna & have 1 line coming off the splitter for the basement, & another line in the attic.

Is that doable (i cant figure why it wouldnt be).

Is there anything special I would need to use?

I believe there was some discussion on using two antennas HERE. Might also want to do a search on CocoonTech. I think JeffCharger actually did something like this.
Hi Rich:

It is possible to do, but if you are not careful, it will be worse than a single antenna.

It can work well if the two antennas are far apart, such that any signal is only ever received by one of the two antennas. If a signal is picked up by both antennas, then the strength of the combined signal will be dependent on the relative phase of the two signals when they are combined.

Picture it like this:
Assume that the length of coax is equal for both antennas, and that the source of the signal is exactly half way between the two antennas. Both antennas will receive the signal at the same time, and the signals will combine properly.

Now move the source one quarter wavelength toward one of the antennas (9 inches, assuming 310MHz). The signal now arrives at one antenna 1/4 wavelength sooner, and at the other antenna 1/4 wavelength later. The signals are now combined 180 degrees out-of-phase, and the two signals cancel each other out. You end up receiving nothing at all. What a difference nine inches make.

The final result is that you have a three-dimensional moire pattern in the space between the two antennas where a few inches means the difference between constructive and destructive reinforcement.

My suggestion would be a cheap antenna amplifier (VHF/UHF), connected as close to your antenna as possible.