What's best way to automate closet light with Elk?

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The electrical inspector would not pass a low voltage and high voltage combination in the same J box without dividers. Neither would they pass running high voltage into a HA box to a relay expander board.
Spanky, with that statement, could you please explain your earlier post:
In my house I put the relay at the light switch so that I did not have to run 120 VAC to a relay board. I tied a 3/8" press fit door switch into an input zone on the M1 and wrote a Rule to turn on the light for 5 minutes when the door opened. Another Rule turned off the light if the door was closed which overrode the timer. It works great, with instant on lights and no delay.
I'd really like to try automating this using just the Elk and Elk Relays and keep it safe and to code if possible. Looking at the instructions for the Elk-924 it clearly shows an example of hooking up a 120 VAC flood light and 12V bell simultaneously. How is this put together or seperated with dividers in such as way that an electrical inspector would pass it? How do you have your relay mounted at the switch and LV/HV divided?

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