Wierd Elk Voice Chime Problem...

I have chime disabled at keypad (chime off), and even in ElkRP I have chime disabled at KP01 (the only one), and for each zone i have chime disabled........works fine until I do a Menu 5 to view all zone states, at that point voice chime turns on (no tones) and the only way to make it go away is to cycle the power switch!

WTF!?!??! :ph34r:
Will update to new firmware tomorrow...hope it fixes the problem as I have also noted the "pop" from the amplifier when things work correctly..they may be related...unless there are reports of VOICE only chime turning itself on (even though chime is disabled throught system!)
Didn't update the firmware as i had no other issues....but have discovered that EVERY time i enter menu 5 (zone status), when I exit, it will voice chime any violated zone from that point on (whether chime is enabled or not, EVEN if all voice chimes are disabled!)....I thought only a power cycle would clear this, but have found that arm/disarm also clears it?

Am i missing something here (ie, is this some "feature" that I have missed), or has anyone else experienced this?