Wiring ELK to RJ31X from punchdown hub?


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OK, I think I have an idea on how to do this but wanted to run this by everyone. I have my phone in one wiring enclosure that is a good bit away from the ELK. The enclosure has the Open House H616 (H616 Product Info) and I have an extra Cat5 wire already run from the phone panel to the ELK. My question now is how do I connect the remote RJ31x to the ELK.

What pins from the RJ31x jack need to be connected to the input and which to the output for the phone on the Elk? Assuming 568B (Org/W,Org,Grn/W,Blue, Blue/W,Grn, Brn/White, Brn), am I correct on this:

Pin 1 -> Elk House Ring (Orange/White)
Pin 4 -> Elk Telco Ring (Blue)
Pin 5 -> Elk Telco Tip (Blue/White)
Pin 8 -> Elk House Tip (Brown)
Have a look at this, it may help. You should be ok with this:

Control.....RJ45 Plug into H616
R1............Pin 1
T1............Pin 8
Ring.........Pin 4
Tip...........Pin 5

Edit: Looks like you edited your post while I was typing - and got it right!
Thanks for confirming steve. I had meant to put my assumption in the post but couldn't find the paper I had written it down on at first :p

Off to go wire it up now...