Wiring these windows

Looks like he decided against EOLs.
Only if ignorance counts as a decision....

MavRic PM'd me and asked me what I did for EOL, to which I replied: "EOL?? What's an EOL?" :)

In my defense, none of you mentioned that whole EOL thing in this thread, so I never considered it. ya, ya, it's probably in some guide somewhere here, but still....

If I understand EOL correctly, that's just basically to make sure no one has cut the wire, right? So you'd, what, put a resister across the sensor terminals?

Meh. Honestly, wiring these windows was 70% "Do it NOW or never do it", 25% "Geez whiz neato knowing if windows are closed or open", and 5% security concern. If I was really concerned about this, I could always pull the sensor back out, even after everything else is done and make a change there.
There have been several threads recently about EOLs. I certainly would not bother pulling your contacts out to add them. Yea, they are mainly to sense shorted wires, etc. Not a huge concern for residential, especially when you know your house and wiring and do stuff yourself.
No problems...glad my experimenting can be of value to the community.

The only problems I've run into so far....

1) For inserting the middle reed switch (for the lower sash), you have to drill through some plastic then through the frame. That plastic is pretty thin and somewhat rigid...and the issue there is that it doesn't hold onto the reed switch very well. The reed switches I have are very slightly flared at the top and have little ridges, so that they get "stuck" when you insert them into the hole you've drilled. That works GREAT for wood...but for this rigid moveable plastic, it doesn't work so well. I've had one switch work itself loose, and then it got clobbered by the window as it moved past, so I had to remove it and replace it. I'm not sure just yet how to resolve this issue...I really really don't want to glue in the magnetic contacts, in case I should ever have to replace one. Bottom line, after you've put in the reed switches, make sure you keep an eye on them so they don't work themselves out of the holes.

2) I used gorilla glue to hold in the magnets in the bottom sash. That appears to have been working...but in one case, it actually split a small part off the sash because I used too much glue and it expanded. So just be careful how much glue you use. The magnets I got actually had holes in the middle of them, and it might have been better to affix them with a nail or screw instead of glue...but then you'd have to check carefully, as the magnet had to be completely flush with the side of the sash so it wouldn't scrape anything on its way up and down.

Your results may vary! good luck!
I don't remember which ones I didn't like....I did buy a bunch of tiny disc magnets from them, and found that they were too weak (they had to be way too close to the reed switch to activate it).

The ones I ended up using I think were something really close to these (same shape, dunno about dimensions).