Wiring UltraProx ELK-106055 to KP2


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I got the wrong harness from AO, so I am making my own. The instructions don't list anything about the KP2, so, since there are only 2 pins on the input on the KP2, what do they go to on the Prox reader? and where do the other wires go? tap into existing KP power lines?

Look at page 3 of the M1KP2 manual. M1KP2 Manual

You will see the wiring diagram for the Prox reader and the appropriate wiring harness. You could probably find a two pin, .1 inch spacing wiring connector at Radio Shack.
damn, RTFM. I have stuff spewed all over the place so if I don't see it, I forget about it.
Any thanks again!!