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May 01, 2006 08:01

ZigBee Products: The Future is Now; ZigBee Offers Sneak Peek: First Products Including Home Automation, Safety, Medical Devices, Automated Meter Reading
SAN RAMON, Calif. --(Business Wire)-- May 1, 2006 The ZigBee(tm) Alliance, a global ecosystem of companies creating wireless solutions for use in home, commercial and industrial applications, today announced that several of its members will be demonstrating end-user products based on ZigBee technology at this year's Connections show (http://www.connectionsconference.com) running May 2-4, 2006 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA. ZigBee members will be exhibiting at booth #317.

ZigBee products on display from Cambridge Consultants, Control4, Golden Power, Nuri Telecom, Raymarine and Vantage Controls at the show include:

-- Automated household lighting, entertainment, heating and cooling

-- Home network control allowing consumers the ability to control their lights and entertainment systems using a cell phone

-- In-home patient monitoring of vital health signs

-- Automated meter reading for remote reading of water, gas or electric meters for utilities

-- Marine safety system via wireless crew monitoring and man overboard alert system

"This is a sampling of the products available today and the market can expect to see more products throughout the year," said Bob Heile, chairman of the ZigBee Alliance. "ZigBee Alliance members have been very thorough in developing the ideal wireless networking standard for sensor networks and as a result, ZigBee has multiple suppliers providing the core technology used in these wireless products. You won't see ZigBee members sitting idle because of supply delays nor waiting months for a product enhancement from a single source supplier. They're innovating, producing and generating revenue."

Ten ZigBee member companies will be demonstrating their innovations at the show. Attendees will have the opportunity to see products that are ready for purchase as well as a wide range of ZigBee technologies offered by members. ZigBee Alliance members will be on display in the ZigBee Pavilion at Connections.

ZigBee Certified Product®

The ZigBee Certification program announced this January ensures that products are fully interoperable "out of box" and can easily participate in a ZigBee network. This seal of approval allows consumers to shop with confidence as Alliance members introduce a variety of ZigBee-based solutions. Member companies are currently preparing to test their ZigBee-ready products, including products currently on sale. Once testing is complete, these products can be fully branded as "ZigBee Certified" and prominently display an appropriate ZigBee Certified logo.

ZigBee: Wireless Control That Simply Works

The ZigBee Alliance is an association of companies working together to enable reliable, cost effective, low-power, wirelessly networked, monitoring and control products based on an open global standard. The ZigBee Alliance membership comprises technology providers and original equipment manufacturers worldwide. Membership is open to all.

Additional information can be found at http://www.zigbee.org.

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Sounds like a broken record.

Look at all these neat products coming out in 200X in the Y quarter. I would like to see an announcement that says buy these new devices at AutomatedOutlet.com (or other store) today.

But since they are so late in coming I bet they will be very low priced. (dream on)

We should have a rule that anything to do with Zwave or Zigbee that says coming or soon to be released should be trashed. Only now available posts.
I agree Tombo,

Zigbee has been out for awhile and seems to have trouble attracting manufacturers. I'm on the Z-Wave bandwagon since it is ultra-reliable and very fast-acting. Adding icing to the cake is the fact that Cisco System (networking) and Intel are jumping on the Z-Wave ride as well.

I just wish they would come out with more devices. Strangly enough, the Z-Wave relay paddle switch (normally $39.00) has been "discontinued" by SmartHome. I wonder if they did that to keep the other Z-Wave prices high (since it competes with, and is far better IMHO than thier own Insteon devices).

Cheers ;)
HoustonFirefox said:
Zigbee has been out for awhile and seems to have trouble attracting manufacturers.
I don't think attracting manufacturers is the problem. Look at this:
ZigBee Member List

With members like Philips, Motorola, Samsung, Honeywell, Mitsubishi, Cisco, Eaton, Hitachi, NEC and Epson, I would bet that bureaucracy is a problem.

It's relatively easy to design a ZigBee product, but it's currently a headache to get it certified. My understanding is that the certification lab just started evaluating final products in January, and I have yet to see any products that are "ZigBee Certified".