Zone Configuration/Elk


Hi guys...

I am adding a coulple of zones to my Elk. One on a gate at the courtyard outside my front door, and one on my overhead garage door.

I'm wondering what is the best zone definition to use in the Elk configuration. I don't think I want either to trigger a burglar alarm, but I would like to have a voice announce when the are opened, and would prefer to see their status on the keypads.

I have toyed with Aux1, Aux2 and non-alarm configurations. Am I correct in that the only difference is that the Aux types write to the log file and the non-alarm does not? I have experimented with all three and I still get voice announce but no status on the keypad.

What is the difference between Aux1 and Aux2?

Would you recommend one of the above or is there a better way to approach this?


I know you can get voice announcements from the "non-alarm" option. Don't know about keypad displays.

I implemented dual color LED's to monitor two garage doors for my friend's house and placed them on a plate with a glass break and voice announcement on/off switch as shown below

(Click on Picture for Full Sized Image)
Switch Plate (Voice Announcements On/Off Switch, Glass Break Sensor, and Red/Grn LED (shows garage door's status)

The entire thread is HERE

When one garage door is opened the LED will go red. When both are closed it will go green.

All the logic and outputs are controlled via the Elk M1.

There is a wall plate in the family room and master bedroom. Amazingly, this has been one of the biggest hits of their HA install B) .
I had the same situation, I wanted to monitor my garage door but did not want it to set off the alarm when I opened it. I just set up a rule to display text on the keypads "Garage Door Unsecure" anytime Zone 17, an non-alarm zone, became unsucure. You could also have the keypads beep until the door is secure if you need an audible reminder to close the garage doors.
You can right a rule that says if the non alarm zone for the garage door is unsecure at a certian time to beep the keypad (one or more whatever you want) and display a message.
My M1 was configured to display something like "garage door open, push F6 to close" whenever the door is open.