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Need help...I have managed to run one cat5 to the top floor from the basement (where i have my main elkm1)

Is there a way I can put a zone expander on the top floor and connect the zone expander to the cat5 to the databus hub...I think I can...please confirm

The intention is to run all the wires on the top floor to the zone expansiona nd have one wire go the the elk...the big questions is the power to the motion sensors do get the power to the motion sensors...

motion sensor need 4 wires...2 go to the zone and 2 for power...the power one is the one throwing me off.

yes, just use 2 of the cat5 for power and the others for the Elk bus. I think the best way is to have two of the cat5 wire NOT go into the RJ45 at the hub and run them straight to VAUX and GND.
I think I would personally lean toward an Elk-P624 and battery in a small enclosure or even a PD9. Can put this and the XIN in a can on the floor. I would be a bit leery of all the devices on that floor going thru a few 24ga wires in the cat5. My $.02 Also, with the 624 and battery, you would give the main can and battery longer runtime in case of a power outage.
if you are doing more than a few motion sensors, then I would certainly endorse Steve's suggestion.
Thanks for the responses

Do I need to add the the it a must or can do it later?
whihc transformer do i get as the motion sensors range from 17-20 volts..should i just get the 24 volts...what if one needs one less than 24 volts.

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17-20 volts sounds like a strange range for a motion detector. the "normal" is 12VDC.

If you don't have a battery, then power glitches will glitch your motion detectors. Since they are normally closed, they will open in a power failure/glitch, which could produce false alarms.
What are the key differences between the PD9 and the ELK-624? What would make one choose one over the other.

Thanks Martin ;) now I am really confused. So what would I need in my case....

M1G in the basement
1 CAT5 going to the top floor
Plan to put a zone expansion on the top floor coonected to the M1G using the cat5 and M1DBH

All motion sensors and contacts on the top floor to go to the zone expansion card. what would I do for the power to the motion sensors.

Do I get the 624 and a DB9? 624 will power the DB9 or do I just get 624 and connect all the motion sensors to the power out of the 624????

Please advise.

I didn't know if you were only waiting for Martin. I would use a 624 or better and a PD9(HC). The 624 or better powers the PD9 and gives you isolated outputs. With isolated outputs a short in one motion will not take out all the other motions. Wherever you land the input expander set up the power supply. Put the switch wires to the input expander and the power wires to the PD9. Keep an eye on your current use and if needed go with a higher rated supply and maybe the PD9HC.