2 Wire Smoke detectors/Elk


I am currently in the process of switching my Honeywell alarm panel for an Elk M1. Reading the material related to 2 wire smoke detectors it indicates that you must use a 820 ohm resistor when you are doing the install. I currently have 3 smoke detectors so my question is must the resistor be used for the each smoke detector? Thanks!
The 2-wire smoke detectors need to be wired in a daisy chain, with the resistor placed at the last detector in the chain.  Not sure which Honeywell panel you are replacing, but it should also have had an EOL resistor on the last smoke detector.
Thanks!! As I mentioned I have three detectors (basement, 1st floor and 2nd floor)and while checking them over i noticed a resistor on the detector located on the second floor which would be the last in the chain.  Thanks again for the help!
How does anyone get away with a single smoke detector on each floor? You have to have a detector in each bedroom and stairwell. You have to have one in each isolated area (excluding closets) that would prevent smoke from reaching a central detector. You might even have to have more than one in a single room if the ceiling is not flat and can create air pockets that block smoke from reaching a single detector.
Are folks just using smokes connected to an alarm panel for supplemental protection with stand alone battery units in all the other required locations?