2414X Insteon<->X10 Revisited


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A chain of events caused me to regain interest in the (discontinued) Insteon 2414X.

If you have any use for a non-PC 'Insteon<->X10' translator, an interesting thread is located at
AccessHa.com Link

This information allows you to turn a standard Insteon PLC into a 2414X translator (and back again if you wish).

Added for Info,

The 2414X works fairly well with X10 on/off commands.

X10 status requests are not supported.

X10 type dim/bright commands are mostly ignored, as in;

X10 - dim (many times), the 2414X will only repeat one dim (or bright) command.

I put one into service as a (non-PC) X10->Insteon translator, and that is working well.

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Edit added:

It works very well for a X10, remote or motion detector, to Insteon.
Thanks for the added data. I have loaded one of my older PLCs with it and hope to test it shortly.