3 way x10 switch problems


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hgupta1 said:
Ughh...this is a super cheap power supply that I just bought two months ago. And I was so proud of being a frugal consumer.

I don't have a UPS on that computer. Do those usually help clean up the signal, or do I have to go ahead and get a new power supply? I really don't want to pay that much for an Antec power supply.

Can I rent a signal meter somewhere?

It depends on the nature of the noise or signal suck. Putting a long extension cord on it will distance it electrically from the X-10 devices and tell you if it is a big problem or small one. If things get better you can probably find a way to filter the problem away.


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Actually, UPS devices themselves are signal suckers. Mine has a big X10 filter on it though and that seems to work well.


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Yep, I've seen people have to replace the power supplies on their PCs. Sometimes really cheap power supplies aren't a good deal!


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I replaced my 350W power supply with a 145W power supply from my girlfriend's ancient Compaq computer. (I hope she never asks about it... I gutted it and took everything slightly useful).

All the x10 devices are working well.

I'm just slightly concerned that the power supply is not sufficient. How will I know? The computer booted without any problems. Hopefully it will last until I can find a beefier supply

By the way... the culprit is a powersupply maid by RAIDmax ...so avoid it if you see it cheap.


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145W is extremely low, and probably wil cause instability problems in the future unless you have a really slow or energy efficient machine. If you tell us what you have, we can help you pick the right one.


hgupta1 said:
By the way... the culprit is a powersupply maid by RAIDmax ...so avoid it if you see it cheap.
Yep, that is the EXACT power supply that I had giving me the problems I mentioned above! Throw that sucker away.

NewEgg has an Antec 400 Watt for $63 shipped.