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Where can I go to quickly get the files to flash my Audrey? It is beinning to crash more often and I would like to simply start from scratch.

All I need then is a card reader to connect it to my PC to make the transfer then, correct?

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Audrey images with HA functionality can be obtained here - http://gac.no-ip.com/audrey_ha_images.htm.

I think that it is possible to get an image onto the CF card via a card reader/writer, but it's not a simple "drag-n-drop" or "save as". See the 'Alternate Method: Using an External CF Reader/Writer' section here - http://www.audreyhacking.com/modules.php?o...=1316&page_id=5

The way I've done it is to mount a share on the PC from the Audrey then write the image onto the CF card inserted in the Audrey. The link above contains info on doing this too.
The "Stock" image contains the original Audrey functionality plus some HA hacks that are required for the mcsAudrey plugin for HomeSeer. The "Infinity" image (the one I use) also has original Audrey functiuonality, plus the HA hacks, plus a bunch of other hacks.
I tried mounting the drive in my Homeseer PC (named "homeseer" and having the IP address by going into the Shell and entering the command listed in the link above. This was the exact command:

fs-cifs -a //homeseer: /mnt guest guest

I created a directory called AudreyShare and set the sharing on it. I can see the directory from other PC's on my network.

I am getting an error that the drive can't be mounted.

Any ideas?
fs-cifs -a //homeseer: /mnt guest guest
In your example, is guest guest the username and password of an account on the computer from where AudreyShare is shared? Don't confuse this with username and password to access HomeSeer's Web server.

Also... Is fs-cifs in the current directory?

What is the exact error that you're getting?
I didn't have an account guest, but I do have an account titled administrator without a password.

So I re-entered the command as:

fs-cfis -a //homeseer: /mnt administrator

and I get the error:

fs-cfis missing arguments near "//homeseer:"

Any thoughts?

Looks like one file copied, but I'll get back to that. I just realized I don't have any compact flash memory around the house. Will I need it if I can mount the drive in my PC?
You will need a CF card. As far as I know, the only way to flash the Audrey is to do it with a CF card. Not all CF cards work. The 32MB SanDisk cards seem to be the preferred ones, but I'm sure that some others will work.

The purpose of mounting the PC's drive is to get the image onto the CF card in the Audrey.
If there is no password on the PC account, try using "" or '' (two single quotes) on the fs-cifs command line for the password. Incidently, you should have a password on your administrator account - many viruses successfully attack systems with open accounts like this if they get into your network.
I now have an Administrator password. I guess I now have to search out for a Compact Flash card. I have to find a 32Meg only, right?

I've read that larger than 32mb cards work too, but the images are only about 16mb, so you don't need more. I'm not sure if you'd have problems with a ''modern" large-capacity card. ...but you might.